About Holland Pathways

Mission Statement

“Your Path Out of Addiction”

Providing Vehicles for Over 20 years

At Holland Pathways, all services offered are trauma-responsive services. Together clients find the encouragement needed to modify their thinking, coping skills and behaviors to overcome their reliance on substances. Clinicians use a combination of the following therapies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy(DBT). 

Additionally, clients are supported by yoga, art classes, 12-Step programs, exercise, meditation, and nutrition classes. Upon completion of inpatient treatment, clients have access to Holland Pathways outpatient services, which provide group and individual sessions aimed at achieving the goals identified in their individual treatment plans. Our aftercare services ensure that clients have the ongoing support they need to be successful in their recovery. Take the first step toward recovery. Whether you’re calling for yourself or for a loved one, we encourage you to call us today. Holland Pathways is ready to help you achieve a lasting recovery.

Core Values

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