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Medical Integration

When people think of addiction treatment, they focus on the behavioral aspect and therapy. While this is an important part of recovery, there is also a need to take care of your body’s needs. Medical integration for treatment at Holland Pathways is designed to help each of our clients get the health needs they require. We have a team of onsite doctors who can treat common issues that occur with addiction and recovery.

When you turn to Holland Pathways for addiction and health care, you will gain insight as to how to improve your body’s health. Our goal is to help our clients heal from the inside out. Detox and withdrawal can come with some problems and risks. Some clients may deal with sickness and nutrition deficiency while others may face life-threatening complications. We want to reassure you that our team of doctors are available to help with a continuous treatment program.


Why Is Medical Integration Important for Addiction Treatment?

Addiction is often considered to be psychological problem. While it is true that the brain and the central nervous system play a key role in substance abuse, the health and function of the body must also be treated. Addiction can cause medical issues. Detoxification has its complications as well.

At Holland Pathways, we provide medical care to address the changes in your body that have likely occur due to substance abuse. For example, years of drinking may cause damage to the stomach lining. Without a full treatment plan for the gastrointestinal pain that the client is suffering from, they are likely to find other ways to dull or numb the pain. Furthermore, substance abuse makes you dependent on the chemicals that are being put in your body, making it impossible for you to simply just stop without pain or other withdrawal symptoms.

Medical Complications With Drug Use

There are several medical complications that come with drug abuse. Addiction can leave long-lasting health imprints on your body. Some complications include: 

  • Heart damage – irregular heart rhythms, sudden cardiac arrest, or heart failure
  • Pulmonary complications and damage to the lungs
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Gastrointestinal issues – bowel tissue decay, reflux, severe constipation, or abdominal pain
  • Cancer – especially in the neck, mouth, stomach, or lungs


High-Risk Health Complications

In some situations, detox and withdrawal can pose a serious risk, and can even be deadly. Alcohol withdrawal can begin in just six hours after a person’s highest intoxication level. At that point, the body can react in several different ways.

Acute withdrawal symptoms can include delirium tremens (DT). Delirium tremens is where an individual experiences hallucinations and dissociation. There is roughly a five percent mortality rate for patients who experience DT.

Seizures can also create high-risk complications. Roughly ten percent of people with a severe alcohol dependency develop seizures. Other complications that can develop are cardiac arrest or mental health issues.


Underlying Health Issues

At times, drug or alcohol abuse can stem from underlying health issues. For example, people with chronic pain often resort to pain medication. Others may turn to drugs for stimulation. When you come to Holland Pathways for treatment, you will receive optimized health care for both your body and your mind. That means, if there are any underlying health issues that could have initiated your substance abuse, we will give you the treatment you need. Our goal is to restore all aspects of your health.


Over Prescription and Recovery Don’t Work

It’s extremely common for people to turn to a local doctor or health care provider for their medical needs. However, when clients use a local doctor for their health needs and then turn to Holland Pathways for their addiction needs, there is a lack of cohesive care. That means that it is very possible that clients will be overprescribed medications that can limit their health or recovery. When clients have all of their care in one place, that risk is minimized. The team at Holland Pathways works cohesively to ensure that all of our client’s health needs are being met.


Create a Strong Baseline for Recovery

There’s no confusion about the long-term health effects that addiction creates and how it can limit success in recovery. Not addressing the underlying health issues is a detriment to your success. When you enter our treatment program at Holland Pathways, we will help you build a strong baseline for your recovery.