Private Sobriety Coaching

Private Sobriety Coaching in Wichita, KS

[Many times, those struggling with drugs or alcohol hesitate to seek treatment because they fear the personal and professional consequences of family, friends or employers discovering their addiction.

At Holland Pathways, we understand that circumstances don’t always allow our clients to openly participate in group treatment, or utilize their employer-provided insurance plans for payment. That’s why we offer Private Sobriety Coaching that is completely private, discreet and strictly confidential.

We understand that healing from the ravages of drug or alcohol abuse can be an intensely personal process, and we understand the desire for privacy many have as they take the first steps toward recovery. Clients receive one-on-one treatment by a qualified addictions expert in a private and confidential setting. Intensive support, education and coaching is provided with special attention to the specific needs of each individual. Our addictions experts approach every situation with an understanding and open mind, and will provide the guidance and support necessary to help clients achieve lasting recovery and live their lives to the fullest.